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Syclone & Typhoon Forum Index How To Mod/Repair Attn: Charlotte Sy!
Author Attn: Charlotte Sy!

Joined: Jun 06, 2003
Posts: 21
From: charlotte, NC usa
Posted: 2002-01-14 12:43   

Here is the deal... I live in Charlotte but I lived in Boone for 15 years. I bought the truck (sy) new from Mack Brown Chev with 12 miles on it. The only shop I trust with my truck is also in Boone. These guys are my friends and they don't mind me hanging around with them when they work on it. All the SyTy links are on the shop comp favorites list! Anyway, I had a feeling that my wheels were not balancing correctly and was proven correct when I read on a sy link that lug-centric balancing is required. I also saw a link that recomended a Hunter balancing machine. I found two of these machines in Boone but neither had the correct adapter for the truck. Here lyeth the problem... Which shop does any Charlotte SyTy owner use to get hisher wheels balanced? I live off Central and Kilborne but don't mind driving anywhere around town. Any help appreciated greatly. Also, are there any hangouts or get-togethers for sy owners here? My truck may not be the prettiest but the mechanicals are good. Running is always better than perfect body when you have limited wampum...well, to me anyway...


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Joined: Oct 11, 2001
Posts: 1455
From: Naperville, IL
Posted: 2002-01-14 12:54   
Well, the lug-centric is more important, to me, than the Hunter. I would call around to any tire shop to see if any have the adapter to do lug-centric. The shop I went to called it an acron adapter - I don't know if that was a standard name - or some bogus name they gave it. Anyway - it is an adapter that simulates the lug pattern. So if you have to explain it - that is the short story. If you have any questions - give me a shout.
93 Ty #465

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Joined: Feb 12, 2001
Posts: 197
From: Rock Hill, SC USA
Posted: 2002-01-17 16:49   
I had the same problem for years until I found a Hunter. That's all I use now. I live in Rock Hill and work in south Charlotte (Pineville). On South Blvd. there are 3 places I know us the Hunter; Discount Tire near 485 (next to Sonny's BBQ), Hendrick's Honda cars, and a place across the street from Hooters. Stick works at the Honda dealer and he has a Sy. Check the board for local gatherings in the south. We've got a couple lined up in April but I'm game for something soon.

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Joined: Aug 19, 2001
Posts: 521
From: all work and no play makes Joe a dullboy
Posted: 2002-01-17 18:29   
Hey its great to hear from another SyTy owner in the Charlotte area! I thought Todd Anderson (ncsyclone0760) and I were the only active members arround Charlotte. Todd and I have been discussing a get together, probably just hanging out or cooking a little rice. Sorry I can't help with the tire issue that much, as I have mine balanced back home in Lenoir, NC (the little town you pass through on 321 at the foot of the mountain). But I have been to a Hunter website that lists all the tire stores with the Hunter machine by location. Try searching for their site.
I go to UNCC and live on campus through the week while school is in. Mabey we can hangout sometime. Good to have ya aboard!

Joe Lutz
My Typhoon is a money thieving whore

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Joined: Jun 06, 2003
Posts: 21
From: charlotte, NC usa
Posted: 2002-01-21 12:21   
Hey dudes,
I finally decided on the new Discount Tire on Albemarle right before the new Home Depot. The had the Hunter machine. They charged me $47.96 to lug-centrically balance all four and I added another $5 a piece for a computer ride match. Total was 67.96 with a lifetime guarantee. With that, future rebalancing is $5 a piece. Sounds like a deal. They will have to charge me labor on rotations (break-down and all) but its only $10 a piece. Josh was the man and didnt mess around. They don't mind you hanging around to make sure they don't screw with anything either.

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