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Sy 1456
Syclone 1456

Some information about the Syclone...
One page sales brochure with stats (109k)
Specifications, page 1 of 4 (216k)
Specifications, page 2 of 4 (242k)
Specifications, page 3 of 4 (202k)
Specifications, page 4 of 4 (201k)

Syclone Wikipedia

A few of my favorite Syclone magazine articles...
Sy vs. Ferrari 348ts
Sy vs. Stealth TT

Other SyTy stuff... AIM Chat

ROH wheels I bought to replace the bent stockers
(page and pics from seller)

Hood Latch Guards

ALDL Serial Cables

SyTy MEMCAL info

Knock LED

Foglight Replacement

Engine Tiedowns

Wheel Balancing Issues thread from
Another thread from
Pic of problem

Java Tire Size calculator
From Discount Tire and the old

Java Engine Displacement calculator
From the old

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